C2CRM for Higher Education

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   Integration with Outside Applications

  Email & Calendar Integration

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Create, Manage and Communicate throughout the Lifecycle of Prospect, Applicant, Student, to Alumni

C2CRM’s higher education CRM software provides a 360-degree view throughout each stage of the student lifecycle. Prospect recruitment, admissions, student success operations, alumni, event management, communications, marketing, and reporting (analysis) in one central location.

Higher Education Marketing & Communications

Create and track on-going constituent communications via mass emails, texts, phone, social media or direct mail. Personalized messaging to each contact based on their preferred method of communication. Campaigns with automated follow-up and next steps strengthen your relationships with recruits, students, alumni, and donors.

Higher Education Record Management

Create and capture unlimited types of records including students, parents, organizations (high schools, other colleges, and universities, etc.), and international agencies. Link different constituents for both person and non-person records based on family, friends, and business connections. Accessible to everyone in your organization that has secured, role-based permissions.

Alumni & Donor Relations

Collect and manage data on all alumni and donor constituents including individuals and businesses. Generate and track pledge reminders directly while having real-time reports of all communication, feedback and interest levels. Track goals and opportunities with real-time analytics in reports and/or on custom dashboards.

Comprehensive Integration of Marketing, Recruitment, Retention, and Alumni Activities in a Single System

  • Alumni & Donor Goals and Opportunities
  • Number of Constituents  in each Stage of the Admissions Process
  • Applicant Statistics
  • Event Success
  • Territory Coverage
  • Lead Scoring
  • Alumni Activities
  • Manage & Automate Admissions Processes to Completion
  • Recruitment Stages – Automatic Communications/Follow-up
  • Issue Tracking & Escalation
  • Territory Management
  • Push Campus Activities Based on Interests
  • Configure Lists based on Categories (Applicant, Alumni, etc.) or Regional (Geo-Mapping)
  • Create and Mass Blast Invitations
  • Create Custom Landing Page
  • Record & Track Attendance
  • Automatic Follow-up
  • Lead Assignment based on Lead Scoring and Territory
  • Mobile App when out of the Office
  • Real-time Data Shared Across Departments
  • Role-based User Permissions / Security
  • Link all Applications to the CRM for Complete View
  • Task Management & Follow-ups
  • Route/Escalate Internally
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Unlimited Dashboards & Widgets
  • Custom Fields
  • Workflows – unlimited
  • Form Creation – that updates records
  • Role-based User Permissions (to govern each user’s right to add, edit, and view the information in the CRM)
  • No Full-time CRM Administrator Needed
  • Custom Training & Support (unlimited)

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